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The trend in renovation lasts three to four years has changed somewhat the way it is dealt with. The growth of tourists in these last years is a given. Both global and, above all, domestic. Initially low cost companies with their enticing tickets. Then the reduced prices for the expenses for a leisure trip. Last but not least, the need to increase or strengthen income and a bit of the “fashion” of private airbnb rentals brought new real estate data.

Home Renovations and AirBnB Renovation : The new trend in real estate

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AirBnB Renovation : Particularities and Importance

The differences between home renovation and renovation of the airbnb are small but large and essential for the owner or manager. One of the main differences from a simple home renovation is the installation of, for example, an automatic relay switching off card air conditioning upon the departure of visitors. Still several automations that prohibit the use of systems when ventilating or also turning off lighting when leaving.

Do not forget that wasting energy is a waste of money for the owner. Why can the utilities in the classical lease transfer their obligations to the tenant, but that does not apply to the short-term lease. So to renovate a house for short-term lease it is recommended to study the needs, plan their satisfaction and carry out work by experienced crews with proper financial and time planning.

The AirBnB renovation solution by AGS Engineering

If you also want to renovate your home for airbnb and want to “keep your head calm” that the result will satisfy you both aesthetically and satisfy the demands of the tourist community please contact us. And because refurbishment is not a cheap process in general, it is necessary to trust it in the experienced crews of our company and our designers, certified by the international IPMA project management organization.

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