AGS Engineering : A Civil & Mechanical Engineering and also Constructions Company in Athens


G  for    GREEN


AGS Engineering is a constructions company flanked by qualified civil and mechanical engineers, whose very first priority is to build Trust in Construction Projects. Trust is built by professionals and so are we. AGS must be your choice when you demand safety, trust, professionalism and ergonomic in your projects.

Τεχνική και Κατασκευαστική Εταιρεία στην Αθήνα


How do we achieve the trust within our contracted projects?

AGS involving certified project managers with considerable experience in major construction projects throughout the territory and diplomated scholars can guarantee the safety and trust you have been looking for in your constructions or guarantee you the optimal solution for the settlement of arbitrary constructions and legalizations in terms of legality and fairness elements.

Find Out and Read More about our certified engineers and contractors and who are they.


What is our philosophy?

In AGS, our philosophy is to always try in cooperation with the customer to find and develop the optimal in terms of static, security, functionality and aesthetic effect in the constructions and the tasks assigned to us. We operate in a book By the book and where we are allowed to interfere with the experience we have now to enhance the result from every point of view and find the solution to possible problems that occur during the procedures.

Certainly our basic and inalienable rule is not to escape from the framework that the law defines every time. Do not worry about this, and there are scope for deviations from the same law many times for the benefit of the citizen. Finally, as engineers, engineers, we think that every problem or issue is resolving, and that is precisely our job. Besides, our motto is that we are trying harder problems to find better solutions


What is our motto?

Trying for the impossible .. We succeed the unlikely …





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